Residential Property Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset management is at the core of everything we do. In some cases we are employed specifically to look at various types of assets and to advise and then deploy strategies to increase or create a steady stream of income. This can be as simple as re-renting properties at higher rent levels or looking at ways to increase the capital values of properties. This could include the conversion or refurbishment of existing units or achieving planning consent to extend. It could involve creating additional units either within, or by direct addition, to the existing demise or by looking at unused pieces of land or roof spaces.

Case studies

Crouch End, London N8

  • 21 one, two and three bedroom properties
  • Initial research showed apartments were heavily underlet with many in poor condition
  • Opportunities identified for the full or “light” refurbishment of several units
  • A swift exercise was undertaken to approach tenants independently about their rents
  • By September 2016, a 33.7% increase in annual rental income achieved since April 2014 

Dulwich, London SE21

  • An Edwardian detached house in poor condition comprising seven flats of which five were let and two vacant.
  • A programme of works was undertaken to refurbish all flats, whilst keeping as many tenants in situ to maintain an income flow for the landlord.
  • Once refurbished, the flats were sold on behalf of the landlord to realise the increased asset value
  • Planning consent was obtained to build an additional single storey dwelling in the grounds

St Albans, Herts

  • We were consulted by a local authority for specialist advice a large HMO.
  • Property arranged as 4 blocks plus communal areas (1 block occupied)
  • Client has medium term ambitions for the complete redevelopment of the site
  • Westbury advised the client to rent the property on a short term lease with options to renew in order to create an income stream over the period prior to its development.
  • Detailed discussions took place to look at issues such as tenant profile, rent achievable, service charge regime and management.
  • Westbury have identified several suitable parties interested in the opportunity. As of September 2016, 4 separate interested parties, all Housing Associations have offered to lease the asset mainly for the short term housing of key workers. The case is ongoing.


  • Full property appraisals
  • Rental valuations
  • Tailored and agreed strategies for each client
  • Refurbishment reconfiguration and build programmes where necessary
  • Monthly or quarterly progress reports in terms of progress on builds and income streams
  • Large and tested UK wide network of letting agents competing against each other to obtain the best tenants at the highest achievable rents

Client M

"We were delighted with the service we received form Westbury. Rob and his team worked a clever strategy to increase income over a short period of time and after a 2 year period; we have seen our income increase by over 30%. We now have a more valuable portfolio producing a better return which is efficiently run."

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