Residential Property Asset Management

PRS Management

Did you know that typically a building used for co-living is likely to produce a greater return on investment than a standard PRS development?

With years of experience managing many different types of property, Westbury is ideally placed to manage multi-unit let residential schemes along with their associated communal facilities including how to create a sense of community within a building whether large or small and all associated costs with running such an operation.  We currently advise clients on these types of operations working with investors, developers, and a Local Authority on how to set up all aspects of a building, associated costs as well as looking accurately rents occupancy figures and overall returns.

If you’re interested in our PRS management service, here’s further information about how we can help you.

Site acquisitions

A high-profit property business starts with acquiring the best land and buildings; those that not only offer opportunities for development, but are situated in areas that are desirable, or a future property hotspot.

Firstly, we sit down with our clients and identify the right sort of site for their specific needs; both in financial and practical terms. Then, we work work alongside local agents to find the most appropriate sites. Our industry connections mean that we’re in a perfect position to negotiate ultra-competitive prices, which in turn, boosts the return on investment.

BTR advisory services

Buying a property to rent it out requires specialist knowledge and skills. Our team are experts in the field, and can offer support, guidance and advice throughout the process. This usually starts with the development of a solid strategy, which directs our approach in terms of acquisition, management and asset maximization.

Block and facilities set-up and management

Establishing a block (i.e. a number of residential units) can be incredibly profitable, both in terms of rental income and capital growth over time. However, it’s more complex than investing in a single residential house. Our PRS services include the set-up and ongoing management of blocks and facilities; with a view to increasing rental streams where possible, and attracting the highest quality of tenant.

Strategic letting advice

When working with clients, we don’t just develop a strategy for the site / buildings; we also create a comprehensive letting plan. This seeks to limit vacant periods where properties are empty, while maximising rental income.

Our team also have expertise with sourcing and vetting tenants, and can advise on any issues regarding the letting process; from attracting suitable renters, to managing finances (e.g. rental collections) effectively.


Case Studies



  • Asked to advise on occupancy and management of 106 units in a soon to be completed PRS block
  • Worked with various local agents on lettings – property was 98% let within 5 months including over the Christmas period with rent targets met
  • Advised on the block management of this PRS block
  • Created a staggered move in strategy to allow for ease of entry and not to have mass renewals after first year
  • Advised on a security strategy
  • Manage all flats


South Hertfordshire

  • Asked to advise Local authority on use of a building previously used as university halls
  • Suggested alternative use as a PRS / Co-living building
  • Advised Authority on cost of refurbishment
  • Advised Authority on facilities to be included
  • Advised Authority on ERV's and management processes
  • Prepare report to demonstrate feasibility of a co-living scheme at the property
  • Advise how to achieve near full occupancy 24/7
  • Prepared proposals and produce JV report
  • Draw up comprehensive P & L report to for Capital Expenditure and Income /Running Costs to illustrate scheme viability
  • Meet with architects to design scheme and formulate a 'brand'

Our PRS Management Services include:

  • Initial briefing with client
  • Full site search undertaken
  • Manage Acquisition of property
  • Tailored and agreed strategies for each asset
  • Advice on refurbishment reconfiguration and build programmes
  • Monthly or quarterly progress reports in terms of progress on builds and income streams
  • Large and tested UK wide network of purchasers at the highest achievable prices.

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